100% of all funds raised go to the soldiers care packages and shipping!
Project-Bravo and American Bible Society have worked to deliver Bibles to our Soldiers.

We were able to deliver 10,282 Bibles last year and 452 care packages.

Let them know they are not forgotten!
 Welcome friends! 

Our mission is to show support for American Troops
throughout the world.  Our goal is to send care 
packages to soldiers everywhere 
that American Service Members are present.

Money collected at this site will be used to send care 
packages through Project Bravo.  It is our goal that 
200 service members receive a package this year,
 and that goal can't be reached without you.

     Throughout our nation's history we have asked
     the men and women of our armed forces to 
     make sacrifices, in peace time and war.

     We cannot repay these people for their 
    sacrifice, but we can remind them that
    they have not been forgotten and do 
    not go forward without our support.  

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