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For my Country tears I shed
Never more to be misled
I have done my duty
For what I think is right
My Nations Flag was
Never out of sight
For Country I have bled
Until the stream ran red
What I give so others live
To some a Heroes song
It's all for thee for Liberty
And this Nation we belong


Fret not for me in infamy
Sorrow is short lived
I did what I had to do
This was mine to give
Memories they linger yet
From the Battlefield
My friends are long gone
They carry a Battle Shield
Lest we not forget
A Soldiers Lament
~An Old Soldiers Quote

That lasts for ever more

Tribute to the Uniform

That he proudly wore

But never forgotten

" Old Soldiers never Die "
" They just Fade Away "
( General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964 )



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